Most tapes in this archive are live stereo masters of concerts for radio broadcast.

The Grateful Dead REEL 4 reels
The Jam March 1982 2 reels
The Replacements July 1991 3 reels
Elvis Costello, Riviera theater, December 1977 REEL 1 FOUR TRACK
The Clash 2 reels 1/4”
JR Wells-Buddy Guy Biddy Mulligans November 1982 2 REELs
3 AD Riviera Theater REEL 1
Pearl Jam 2 reels
Blur 1991 Cabaret Metro 2 reels
Wolverton’s 1 reel
The Alarm November 1985
Bohemia Master On Broadway Chicago 1981
Bruce Cockburn October 1981 Tuts Chicago
Dan Siegel June 1983 Park West
Big Audio Dynamite
The Band, November 1983 Mandel Hall, University of Chicago 2 reels
Hayden Thompson demos
Tape one Hayden Thompson demos Tape to July 1989
Dr. Monte Meldman
Jonathan Butler 2 reels
Dean Greer
Toni Childs
Vienna festival 2 reels
Johnny Winter, April 1984 Embassy Ballroom
Dexy and The Midnight Runners, February 1983 Metro
Stray Cats, July 1982 Stages
Jorma Kaukaunen March 1982 COD Chicago
The Morrels, 1983 January Tuts 2 reels
Del Shannon February 1982 On Broadway
Payola November 1982 WXRT Tuts
Garrison Master December 1981 On Broadway
John Lee Hooker, May 1984 Parkwest
Lenny Loven, March 1983, The Metro
Billy Idol, October 1982 The Metro
Legendary Blues Band June 1983, Broadway Jack’s
Joan Armatrading, May 1985, The Bismarck 2 reels
Ouray On Broadway, June 1982
Skraps, May 1982 On Broadway
Neville Brothers, November 1981 On Broadway
Famous Potatoes, April 1982 On Broadway
General Public November 1980 The Metro
Howard Jones, May 1984 Park West 2 reels
Vanessa Davis Band March 1982 On Broadway
Joe Sonnafelt demo
Tony Dee old mix
Big Shoulders
Tattoo 2 reels
Midnight Oil, April 1984 Parkwest 2 reels
WolvertOn Brothers 2 reels
Nicolas patron October 1991 demos 2 reels
The Sapphires 2 sides
Tattoo Live Rolling Thunder 2 reels
Peg Lehman mixes
Shiererback October 13 The Vic
Dream syndicate, July 1984, Aragon Theater
David Bromberg, October 1984 Holsteins 2 reels
Black Uhuru 8-84 Aragon
Greg Kihn 5-86 Metro
The Stray Cats 8-83 Aragon
Greg Ken May 1981 Park West heroes heroin
Jim May heroes heroines and boo babies real one
NRBQ, July 1983 Parkwest 2 reels
The Alarm September 1983, Tuts
Wild Roots mix
Johnny Mow 2 reels
Doormats 3 reels
The Squad Mixes
Proteus, February 1983 Tuts
Cleaning Ladies
Mighty Joe Young December 1980 Park West
John Lee Hooker, June 1981 On Broadway
Greg Ken May 1981 Park West
Jim May heroes heroin and boo babies mix
Bob Mould Café Metro, 1981
The Rogues December 1990
Nick Fentis
WXRKT Jeff Healey 2 reels
Greenwood Master
Little Charlie and the Night Cats, June 1988
Juluka, November 1983 Parkwest
Bruce Cockburn, November 1984, Parkwest
Ministry, May 1982 On Broadway
Tom Robinson Stages, January 1981
Windham Hill, April 1984 Civic opera House
Steve Hackett, November 1980 Parkwest
Willy Nilly, May 1981 Parkwest
Greg, Ken, June 1980 Parkwest
Ken , June 1980 Parkwest
OMD September 1985 café Metro
The dBs December 1984, Metro
King Biscuit – Flower Hour – Bruce Cockburn Nov ’84 Parkwest
Big Twist in the Mellow Fellows XRKT June 1982
Let’s Active November 1984 Metro 2 reels
Drake, Ken, May 1986 Metro
Translator, October 1982 Tuts
Psychedelic Furs, November 1980 Tuts 2 reels
Joe King Carrasco, March 1981 Tuts
Dan Siegel June 1983 Parkwest
Lene Lovich, March 1983 Metro
Johnny Winter, April 1984 Embassy ballroom
Squeeze June 1980 Parkwest
Psychedelic Furs November 1980
Jeff Lorber Fusion April 1980 Stages
Clarence Gatemouth Brown On Broadway, July 1982
Port O Call, 1980 Bee Complex
Barry Windograd Alternatives edit
Tattoo unlabeled
Easton Breunig
The Novas
Richard Thompson
Lamont Cranston Band real one April 1982
Bohemia, December 1981 rough mix
Portocol 1980 B complex mix master real two
Midnight Oil Outtakes
Portal O Call Diamond Dance May 1981
Barb’s girls 1980 the long lost tape
Easton Gould news net work, January 1986
Jamie James
Paul Young
Joe Songefoldt 8-86
Glenn Bronson demo 1983
Vanessa Davis
Lonnie brooks, April 1983 tats
James Cotton, February 8, 1985 Biddy’s
The Alternative, 5 March 1988 reel 3 16 track
The Vail
The Insiders August 1987 2 reels
Natasha Christian
Jr Wells-Buddy GuyNovember 1982 Biddy’s
Dennis Awe 4 reels
Command Performance Peelings
Organic Theater, Doug Post
Willy-Nilly, May 1981 Ford
KoKo Taylor Park West mix out
Bruce Cockburn October 1981 Tuts 2 reels
Hayden Thompson 2 reels
Alliance Theater
ICM Salisbury
Blur, Café Metro
New Breed Roughneck
Tattoo Mix
Fried Chicken August 86
Rules of The Game 2 reels
Port O Call Bee Complex August 1981, 3 reels
Third Person
Blue Velvet November 1984 Mix
Joey Daily June 1993
Wild women, 2 reels
The Wolverton’s 2 reels
Supe O’Halleran
XTC at XRT Chicago 3 reels
Lou Reed, April 1978
Genesis Oct 1973
Genesis Oct 1981
The Band 2 reels
Big Audio
Nicolas Borrow demo January 82
Tony D remix
The Fabulous Thunderbirds, January 1983 at On Broadway, 2 reels
Nelson Rangell, October 1991
Bohemia, December 1981, On Broadway Chicago
Howard Jones, May 1984 Parkwest
Wyndham Hill April 19 84 Civic opera House
Luther, Allison, March 1981 At Mothers
KoKo Taylor, April 1983 Tuts Set
Albert Collins 1982 Biddy Mulligan’s Four Track 3 reels
Clifton Chenier, July 1984 Fitzgerald
James Cotton, June 1981 On Broadway
James Cotton, June 1981 On Broadway
Big Twist in the fellows November 1980 2 reels
Luther Allison March 1981 mothers
James cotton June 1981 Biddy Mulligans
Lonnie Brooks, April 1983 Tuts
Roy Buchanan, July 1985 Metro 2 reels
Lonnie brooks April 1983, Tuts 2 reels
Son Seals June 1983, Tuts
Magic Slim and the teardrops May 1983 Betty’s
Steve Hackett, October 19 80 Parkwest first show
Easton Districk elements Eason Districk, MIX
Association House out takes July 1980
Organic Theater dug post the seed show
Ron Lamb bony Jerry Clark
Command Performance peelings
Jerry Clark
Psychedelic Furs, 2 reels
Blue Velvet November 1984 track master
Blue Velvet November 1984 track demo
Barb’s girls, November 1984 track master demo
New Breed, rough tracks to mix
OMD real one women
The Association house
Poison Squirrel May 1988 2 reels
Jason and The Scorchers April 1985
Modern English May 1983 Parkwest
Robert Cray Band May 1985 Cubby Bear
The Band October 1983 Mandel haw University of Chicago
John Lee Hooker, May 1984, Parkwest
Rank-and-File, May 1983 Tutts May 1983, 2 reels
Bruce Cockburn, November 1984 Parkwest
Modern English May 1983 Parkwest
The Blasters April 1985 Parkwest
Hot Tuna, January 1986 the Vic
Bruce Cockburn October 1981, Tuts
Del Fuegos, November 1985 the Vic
Jason And the Scorchers April 1985 Metro
China Crisis, July 1985. The Vic
Shadowfax, April 1983 Parkwest
James Cotton, February 1985 Tuts
Sugar Blue, April 1984, Bettys
Lonnie Mac June 1985 the Vic, 2 reels
Big Twist in Fellows, Wise fools, November 1980
Clifton Chenier, July 1984 Fitzgerald‘s
Vanessa Davis On Broadway, 1982
Legendary blues Band June 1983 Broadway Jack’s
San Seals June 1983 Tutts
Jimmie Johnson, April 1984, Biddy’s, 2 reels
Big Shoulders Fitzgerald,
X – October 1983, Parkwest, 2 reels
Stuart Rosenberg Earth Club 1992
Dr. Malden October 1982 live at Forest Hospital
Stuart Rosenberg Earth Club 1992
Neville Brothers, November 1981 On Broadway
Fill n The Blanks March 1982
Garrison December 1981 On Broadway
Jeff Lorber Fusion April 1980 Stages
Robert Cray Band May 1985 Cubby Bear
Hot Tuna, January 1986 The Vic
Paul Young and Royal Family May 1984, Parkwest, 2 reels
Albert King March 1982 Mulligans for Trackmaster
Iggy Pop, October 1980 Waves
The Jags June 1980
Jorma Kaukaunen, March 1982 COD Chicago
Supe O’Harren
Siegel Schwall, June 1987 the Vic 16 track
Rogues May 1989, 3 reels
Running dogs
Dr. Meldman live at Forest Hospital 1982
Dream Day 2 reels
James Cotton, July 1988, 3 reels
The Alternative, 5 March 1988
Jim May November 8, 1988 show number o
Party girls Gas Alley Experience
Pete Spiro, September 1989,
Seagrape leftovers reel 1
Seagrape Takes Ego- Go-Go
John to T wood session
Peg Lehman, June 1992 Show 1+3, 4 reels
Jim May November 8, 1988 show
Party girls,
Gas Alley Experience Mark Harder
Violent Femmes, July 1984 Metro Mix, 2 reels
The Alarm September 1983 Tuts
Nelson Rangell, October 1991, 2 reels
Nicolas Barron, September 1991 Demos
Flea market demo, KD Lang and Lyle Lovett
Randy Newman out takes
Johnathan Butler
Seagrape leftovers
The Rogues December 1990
Tom Dressen December 1983
Lamont Cranston Band, April 1982 Ryan’s pub
Steve Miller Mon Mix September 82
Running Dogs, 3 reels
Jesse Dixon
Willie Dixon, September 1984, biddies
John Hammond, May 1984 Parkwest
Everything but the girl, November 1985, Metro, 2 reels
Richard Thompson, October 1983 Tuts
The Alarm November 1985 metro
Juluka, November 1983 Parkwest
Shriekback, October 1985 the Vic
King Sunny Adé. August 1984
Richard Thompson, March 1985 Parkwest, 3 reels
Richard Thompson, October 1983 Tuts Mix
Wire Train May 1984 West End
The dBs December 1984, Metro
Joan Armatrading, May 1985, Bismarck
Shadowfax, April 1983 Parkwest
Big bash dance, Chicago
Death by Guitar, club Stodola
King Sunny Adé August 1984 Aragon
Black Uhuru August 84 Aragon
Dream syndicate July 1984 Aragon
John Hammond, May 1984, Parkwest
The Stray Cats
Buddy Guy, March 1983 Tuts, 2 reels
Richard Thompson, March 1985 Parkwest
Willie Dixon, September 1984, Bettys. 2 reels
Richard and Linda Thompson, May 1982 Tuts, 2 reels
Garrison, December 1981 on Broadway
Ashby Osterman alliance, February 1983 Tuts
Fill in the Blanks March 1982 on Broadway
Beth Horner romance novel, 2 reels
Heavy Manors, April 98, 2 reels
Syd Lieberman, 2 reels
General Public November 1984 metro
Wire Train, May 1984 West End
Bohemia, December 1981 on Broadway
The Wolverton Brothers, mixes
Supe O’ Halloran
Syd Lieberman, 2 reels
Vienna festival, 4 track
Port O Call real one, 1980 B complex, 4 track 2 reels
Tattoo, Blood Red Tattoo
Hothouse Flowers
New Breed, rough mixes
Blue Velvet, November 1984 Master
O Aces mixes
Bankers Life
The Sapphires demo, 2 reels
War Zone, January 1981
Association House fundraiser
Big Beat
Gregg, Ken, May 1981 for Trackmaster Park West
Garrison December 19 81 second set to trac
Lamont Cranston Vin April 1982
Jorma Kaukonen, March 1982 COD Chicago, 4 track
Garrison, December 1981 rough mix
Bohemia December 81, Rough mix
Port O Call 1980 B complex
Richard Thompson
Salzburg Festival
Robert Cray band
Amazing Howe brothers
The Rogues December 1990
Tony Dee, September 1987
Jeff Healey band March 1989 Parkwest
Tony Dee 1987, 2 reels
Running dogs
Lamont Cranston band, April 1982, Ryan’s pub
Cowboy Junkies May 1989 the Vic
Siegel Schwall the Vic
Rogues March 1989, reel 2
Cowboy Junkies May 89 the Vic, 3 reels
Bag people 7 -82 Cubby Bear
Tom Dreeson 12-83
Steve miller 9/82
Jesse Dixon
Tommy Dee 9-87
James Cotton
The Alternative Five 3/88
Bag People 7 -82 Cubby Bear
Siegal Schwall the Vic
Rogues 5/89
6 feet under MIX master
DA, August 1984 track master outtakes
A Minimal Graphic April 1980 mix master
Black Flag, December 1980 stages, 2 reels
Todd Rundgren, Elvis Costello on concert
Genesis uptown theater, October 1978
Albert Collins, John Platt, 1988
Peter Gabriel, September 1978 Essen Germany
The Effigies December 1980 stages, 2 reels
The Cramps December 1980 master Tuts First set, 2 reels
The Cramps Mix Master February 1980 Second Set
The imports weird panic mix 1980
Trial By Fire, 1980 Mix master
Strike Under January 1981 stereo
Bauhaus, September 1980 Tuts, 4 track
Strike Under September 81
The Effigies April 1981 mix master
The Effigies sound impression August 1981
The Effigies, outs Mix Master
6 Feet Under two track
Warren Zevon, Parkwest, November 1978, 2 reels
Jimmy Cliff, February 8, 1979, 2 reels
The Pixies, 2 reels
Jimmy Cliff, February 8, 1979, 2 reels
The Pixies
Chris Isaak, 2 reels
Tin Machine December 1991. 3 reels
Los Lobos Parkwest Chicago, 2 reels
David Bowie SNC, 2 reels
General Public, 2 reels
REM, 2 reels
Buddy Guy and Jr. Wells Diddy Mulligans November 82, 2 reels
Dan and Dave Soul Asylum
Gin Blossoms, 2 reels
Afghan Whigs
John Martin, May 1983 Tuts
Modern English May 1984, Parkwest, 2 reels
R.E.M. July 1984 Aragon, 2 reels